BF3 Client

1. First create an account on ZLOEmu (email and password from this site will be needed for authorization in the game).
1.1 Download and install DirectX
1.2 Download and install NET Framework 4.5.2
1.3 Download and install Visual C 2010 x86
1.4 Install the latest drivers for your video card.
1.5 Install the latest drivers for your sound card.

2. Download the game client from HERE and install.
2.1 Install BF3.DLC.Pack from the downloaded folder.
2.2 Copy the content of the “CRACK” folder to your Battlefield 3 directory with replacement (it’s important).
2.3 Download and extract to game folder
2.4 Download our DLL and add to game folder
2.5 Update PunkBuster. HERE you can download the updating utility.
2.6 Install PunkBuster using THIS utility

3. Launch game using ZloBF3Launcher.exe
3.1 Log in to launcher using email and password from ZLOEmu
3.2 After that you will see the EA activation window. Type your email and password from ZLOEmu again.
See the setup instructions (How to start), make sure you have followed all the steps.
Be patient, you only have to wait for it to be fixed and up again
Problem in your connection, pc, firewall, antivirus, provider, etc. or look at the instructions in the installation, make sure that you have followed all the steps correctly.
Make sure that you have installed Visual C 2010 x86 and DirectX and that Windows Defender is turned off / Try re apply the crack
This can happen if you try to join a high-ping server. You should look for servers in your area (low-ping).
Also the slot-system is buggy. Most of the time you can connect to 75% of the servers so keep trying.
dinput8.dll and/or ZUpdaterx32.dll outdated/killed by antivirus/WINDOWS DEFENDER/BitDefender
Close the above and re apply crack
Probably you are trying to join a server with DLC-maps in map rotation but you haven't installed all DLCs.
Install or upgrade DirectX, Visual C 2010 x86
This is a false-positive because the launcher and dll is packed. Trust us or start coding your own
Add an exception for the launcher, launcher.dll and Zbf3.exe to your Antivirus, WINDOWS/Bit DEFENDER and firewall and start the Launcher as admin
Either your DLCs are missing or you aren't using a clean (without any cracks) install.
Only use a clean Origin-install or our official download HERE and install.
This feature is not implemented yet. MAYBE it will be added in the future.
Expired bans allow you to create a new account. Forget the old one.
You have to create a new account on ZLOEmu (stats aren’t saving).
Before using a new account you must delete C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\DGR01609245.dlf.
“Z” reason means you have been banned for cheating . This penalty cannot be repealed.
There are a few ways to do so. Follow This guide on