BFBC2 Server

1. Download: Server

2. If necessary, replace Crack for server

3.The server folder is now ready and password parameters prescribed in the server startup so:

-zlogin xxxxx

-zpass xxxxxx (only valid values Aa-Zz 0-9 (restriction length from 4 to 16 characters))

4.If you specified any server in Win32Game.cfg - remove.

Win32Game.cfg It should look like this:

-server -dedicated

5.Now let's deal with batch file:

start Frost.Game.Main_Win32_Final.exe -serverInstancePath "InstanceBC2/" -mapPack2Enabled 1 -port 19565 -timeStampLogNames -region OC -heartBeatInterval 300000 -zlogin test -zpass test

Write your -zlogin ; -zpass (where it says "test", on the allowable value)

Here, a game port changes only when necessary. "-port 19565".

The same applies to the 2nd batch file to run "Vietnam"

start Frost.Game.Main_Win32_Final.exe -serverInstancePath "Instance/" -mapPack2Enabled 1 -port 19566 -timeStampLogNames -region OC -heartBeatInterval 300000 -zlogin test -zpass test

6. If you want to run the run BFBC2 Server, start : ~StartServerBC2.bat
6.1 If you want to run the server BFBC2 Vietnam, start: StartServerBC2DLC.bat

7. The basic server settings are in the folder Instance and InstanceBC2 Depending on what server you want to run.

Consider the example BFBC2 - respectively InstanceBC2

This directory contains the main server configuration:

8. This folder is ServerOptions.ini


Name=My Server // Choose your server name
Port=19567 // game port
RemoteAdminPort=48888 // for Server Administration Procon/Rcon
RemoteAdminPassword=replace me // to log in to Procon/Rcon (write your password at "replace me" )
PunkBuster=true // Anti-cheat system on / off (true/false)
Ranked=true // indicator ranked server (false= not ranked)
NumGameClientSlots=32 // The number of slots for players

RevisionLevel = 8
RevisionKey = 7C0A303E-F4D2-985E-763D-E7C41B1E06A3
GameModID = BC2

Now you can connect to change full option/setting on your server from procon/rcon
Then you can follow this guide on
Thank you